Artist Statement:

My process of making is an exercise in editing the world around me. For me, photography is akin to curating-- I select vignettes of emotional resonance from experiences lived, and from memories I have stored. By paying attention to light and abstracted forms in the landscape, I aim to translate something beautiful or banal into an opportunity for meditative experience. Light is my subject; an openness to observe perceptual phenomena is what interests me from the viewer. As this interest in light, volume and scale suggests, I am influenced greatly by abstraction in painting and the light and space artists of 1960s minimalists.


Education B.A., University of Washington, Seattle 2003
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts, Experimental and Digital Media (Studio)
Photography & Design, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington, 1998 - 2000
University of Valladolid, Spain, 1999

Selected Exhibitions
DUAL-SOLO SHOW (with Tabitha Soren), Dreamtime, Branch Gallery, Oakland, February 11- April 1, 2011

Open Daybook Group Show, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, January 2011

Berkeley Art Center’s Member Showcase Berkeley, December 2010 – January 2011

Open Daybook Artist Program, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, December 5 2010

Juried Photography Exhibit, Carmel Art & Film Festival, Marjorie Evans Gallery - Sunset
Community and Cultural Center -- Carmel, California, October 2010

SHOW & TELL: My Summer Fantasy, Gallery Extraña, Berkeley, California, August – October 2010

Collages de San Francisco San Francisco Collage Collective, Muestra del Desierto (national tour), San Luis Potosi, Mexico, April, 2009

Collages de San Francisco San Francisco Collage Collective, Vestibulo del Palacio del Congreso, Coahuila de Saltillo, Mexico, October, 2008

Be Still My Beating Heart, San Francisco Collage Collective, organized by Matt Gonzalez, McAllen Art House, McAllen, Texas, February – April, 2008

Untitled, an interactive (real-time responsive) sound and light installation with Iole Alessandrini, Jack Straw Productions – New Media Gallery, Seattle, June – October 2004

Hardly Soft Installation with 3 channels video projection & sound – vacant building, University of Washington, Seattle, May 2003

We are not Alone, Secluded Alley Works (SAW) Seattle, March 2003

Yards of Reflection, installation with digital video projection, sound, jute fabric, cheesecloth and wire (collaboration with Erin Ober), Bemis Artist Lofts, Seattle, March 2002

Just Your Imagination: Certain Stasis single-channel video work, Annual Juried Open House Student Show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle
(first video piece to exhibit in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery), January 2002

SOLO SHOW Above Twelfth Avenue, Blue Sky Gallery , Portland, October 2001
Debauchery, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, June 2001

Force, Mass, Volume Artdrill, Sandpoint Naval Base, Seattle, July 2001

Open Walls, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Portland, Oregon, May 2001

SOLO SHOW Above Twelfth Avenue, Common Grounds Café, Portland, April 2001

SOLO SHOW Above Twelfth Avenue, Parnassus Café & Gallery, School of Art, University of Washington, January 2001

Grants / Awards
Recognition Award and Scholarship from the School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle, July 2003

Venture Grant - Office of the Undergraduate Research ($8,000) for independent preliminary research, planning and pre-production of performance Project Docile June 2003

Best Point of View Award, We are not Alone, group show, Secluded Alley Works (SAW), Seattle, March 2003

Mary Gates Scholar Award and Grant ($3000) to facilitate the research and writing project,
Intangible Complexities in Collecting Network Based Art, June 2002

Received Edda McCordic Artist Merit Award, Department of Art & Design, Clark College, Vancouver, May 2000

Open Daybook, Random House Publishers, Edited by David Earle (Hardcover Art Compilation)

Intangible Complexities in Collecting Network Based Art in the University of Washington’s Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities,

Volume One Publication: Innovations:Text, Technologies, & New Media in Ancient Worlds & Contemporary Cultures, April 2003

First Annual Undergraduate Research Institute for the Humanities, themed: Innovations: Text, Technologies, & New Media in Ancient Worlds & Contemporary Cultures,
University of Washington, Seattle, Summer 2002

Guest Artist – Motion-sensing Performance Workshop with Robert Wechsler of Palindrome, San Francisco State University, May 2005

Jack Straw Production Studios – New Media Gallery, Seattle, awarded in 2003, in-residence with Iole Alessandrini April – October 2004

Shelley Hirsch voice and performance workshop, Time Based Art Festival, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), Portland, Oregon, September 2003

Participant/ Resident in the Fifth Annual Sydney Kahn Institute at the Kitchen Center for Media and Performance, New York, NY. Attended Workshops with Pauline Oliveros, Paul

Selected Video/Film
Mathematics for Plants, digital video and sound (sound by TOMES and Beno + Minnie), 11 minutes, 2008

Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist, Director Sarah Jane Lapp - 8 min, Hand-drawn Animation, HD, sound, 2006 (Sound Editor/Assistant to Director)

Grey, digital video and sound, 12 minutes, 2004

Hardly Soft: You’re not listening, Digital Video, sound, 6 minutes, 2003

Stitching Piazzolla Digital Video, sound, 8 minutes, 2002

Untitled: Pressure Series Digital video, sound, 5 minutes, 2002

Just your Imagination: Certain stasis Digital Video, sound, 2002

Selected Screenings
Mathematics for Plants, Imagining Now: Contemporary Experimental Films, Festival Internacional de Nueva Cine Latinoamericano, Havana, Cuba December 2008

Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist [Sound Editor & Assistant to Director]
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Apr 2006

Official Selection – SXSW Film Festival, Austin, Texas, March 2006

Juror’s Choice – First Prize – Black Maria Film and Video Festival, February 2006

Stitching Piazzolla, Bemis Group Show – Seattle, Sept 2002 Changing Channels, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, May 2002

Selected Performance
Beno + Minnie, Swicheroo, Pasadena, November 2010

EnviroSonic (Beno + Minnie) at MOVE
Beno & Minnie, experimental vocals, sound textures and visuals (collaboration with Rob Reger) McAllen Art House, McAllen, Texas, April 2008

Mathematics for Plants with live soundtrack by TOMES (members of Thuja) and shadow intervention and visuals by Aimee Friberg, the Hemlock, San Francisco, March 2008

Beno & Minnie, Ensoma, San Francisco, March 2007

Robots on the March Salon, Other Cinema – Artist’s Television Access, San Francisco, April 2004

Suggested Reading: Untitled (collaboration with Iole Alessandrini and Juerg Koch) Performers: Juerg Koch and Jody Kuhner, Jack Straw New Media Gallery,
Seattle, October 2004

Project Docile: Study One performed at the Kitchen Center for Media and Performance,New York City, July 2003