1. Any person whom one does not know
2. A stranger in town, a newcomer from another region, or locality

Museum & Crane is pleased to present “Blow-In,” a group exhibition of antipodean artists living in, or inspired by life on American soil. Works by four Australian artists, Alicia Rose, William-Guillaume Saussay, Johnny Romeo and Lara Meyerratken weave a visual story of geographic relocation, expanding cultural horizons and a refreshing fluidity of practice and presentation. The artistic contributions of these artists within the vibrant cultural stew of Los Angeles reveals a nuanced pride of place and a happy confluence of cultural threads weaved together to construct a uniquely Aussie experience of creative lives lived, at times, on opposite sides of the globe.

Alicia Rose is a photographer and has exhibited extensively throughout Sydney over the last two years, this will be her first international exhibition. She has travelled extensively throughout the United States capturing beauty in the mundane and viscerally connecting to the strangers she has encountered through her inquisitive photographic lens.

William-Guillaume Saussay is a Sydney-based abstract painter and colorist. His vibrant, map-like works explore interior and exterior influences and the psychology of color and symbol filtered through the eye of the beholder.

Johnny Romeo has exhibited his work extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He has been referred to as “a bombastic neo-expressionist pure pop painter with a lot to say about modern life.”

Lara Meyerratken is an Australian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer who currently resides in Los Angeles. Meyerratken is a notable session musician and songwriter, performing her own music under the name El May. She is an accomplished visual artist (winning an Aria Award for cover art) and will contribute both musical performance and visual work to this exhibition. El May will perform a live set on October 2, 2011.

A special musical performance by Carla Werner will kick off the inaugural exhibition of this unique neighborhood art space on September 10th. Other performances will include Mia Dyson on September 25th and El May on October 2nd. All events will be open to a limited number of guests, so please email if you would like to attend.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 10th, 6-10pm
The exhibition opening will coincide with the Northeast L.A. Art Walk and will be free and open to a limited number of guests. Aside from the opening reception, the gallery is private by appointment only. Please email to schedule a visit.